Anak Krakatoa

The Child of Krakatoa

During the 1883 eruption the Krakatoa island was almost completley destroyed. The explosion had the equivalent impact of 30 times the size of an H-bomb explosion, triggering a huge tidal wave that killed more than 36,000 people.

Later on, in 1927 another submarine eruption took place and a new volcano island grew out of Krakatoa's remains. This is knows as Anak Krakatau which means the Child of Krakatoa in Indoensian.

At first glance, Anak Krakatoa looks just like any other of Indonesia's 13,700 islands.

But then a loud rumbling from deep below the sea shatters the serenity of tiny waves lapping the shore. As if clearing its throat, Anak Krakatoa spits out dust and ash, sending clouds of thick, black smoke billowing upwards.

A trip to Anak Krakatoa is rapidly increasing in popularity with tourists and can be arranged through travel agents in Jakarta. Boats can be chartered for the day from Labuhan, a fishing village 125km east of Jakarta, or nearby Carita for between $200 and $350.

Indonesia has banned tourists from hiking near Anak Krakatoa after an eruption killed an American tourist and injured five others as they were trekking to the volcano's peak. But you can watch it from nearby.

Anak Krakatoa eruption 2008
An eruption, 2008